Software Developer

Posted Aug 01
Chivvy LLC in Oklahoma City, OK
Work At:Flexible / Negotiable

Chivvy is a local Oklahoma City community engagement software company that helps arts, educational, cultural, and other event-oriented institutions more efficiently and productively digitize, manage, share, and collaborate on event information. It connects event providers to curators who promote their events and to other peer providers.

We’re looking for qualified applicants to work as a software developer for Chivvy. Primary skills include, but are not limited to:

JS Node.js React Semantic UI React Express routing Sequelize SQL MySQL AWS Cognito SDK (js) activity feed (js/node/react)

The applicant must be capable of managing multiple technical, business, and communicative responsibilities simultaneously.

Technical expectations include, but are not limited to: database management, identity pool management, front-end app development, engineering, testing, and support, API management and support, cross-platform compatibility management between the Chivvy app and client content management systems (WordPress, Squarespace, Blackbaud, Webflow, etc.).

Business expectations include, but are not limited to: client-facing sales and support, proper management of intellectual property, and communicating goals, expectations, and progress to company managers.

Applicant would be directly supervised by Paul Vieth, Chief Technology Officer.